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Books and Booklets

Scriba 200 – Charlie Young

This work was created to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the creation of the Town of Scriba. Its 308 pages features 550 photos of historic and current scenes with a 15 page index with 1300 names. Soft Cover.

$19.99 * plus mailing costs of $ 10. (It weights 3 lbs.)

Lycoming Area History and Remembrances – Nancy Hopkins

This work was issued in 2013, and goes into more detail about this area than does Scriba 200. It includes people, organizations, schools, etc as well as many photos. Soft cover, ring bound.

$20.00* (plus $5.00 shipping)

Scriba School District 13: Halleck School, 1828 -1955 – Betty Adkins, et al.

This work was produced to celebrate the first school reunion held on July 19, 2003. It includes photos, stories, and even some attendance reports. Soft cover, ring bound.

$10.00* (plus $.5.00 shipping)

Early Life Along the Hall Road – Mildred T. Boigeol

This booklet of 97 mimeographed pages consists of stories and tales about the early days of what we call County Route 4 today from the city line to and including Lansing. Information is given about early settlement, people, post office, business, the Hall genealogy, and even the south Road Rural Cemetery as well as other topics. Paper cover – as is condition.

$3.00* (plus 5.00 shipping)

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Other Items

Tin icicles – Great for the Christmas tree with the old fashion look, or interior decoration, these are hand-crafted right here in Scriba. Package of 13 $ 10.00**

Note paper – Each package has six different designs by the late Wilma Baitsell
Package of 6 $ 2.00**

Lettersize envelopes – Each envelope has an illustration of the iconic Scriba cooling tower on it. These are very useful for your every day correspondence. Package of 15 $ 1.00**

Scriba Heritage Day Cover – Created to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the Town of Scriba in 2001, the envelope has an atomic energy stamp (Enrico Fermi) canceled at the Lycoming Post Office. Per Cover $ .10**

*Please add 8% New York State Sales Tax for addresses within the state

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