War of 1812 Veterans

Many of the following did not actually live in Scriba at the time of the conflict. As militia members, they responded to the call of duty, and later settled in the township. As shown by pension applications, some relocated further West.

Ackerman, James
Albro, Samuel
Bacon, Silas*
Bartlett, Henry
Burnham, Philo
Church, James
Coe, Seymour
Cook, Silas
Coon, Samuel*
Cyrenius, George
Dixon, Samuel
Douglass, Robert*
Everts, Hyman
Fish, Jeremiah
Green, John*
Hall, Merit*
Himes, Amos*
Himes, James*
Hindes, Silas
Holcomb, Samuel
Jones, Stephen
Jordan, Daniel
King, Charles
Klock, George
Lawton, Job W.
Linman, Henry
Matteson, Soloman*
Merrit, Issac
Miller, Tobias
Miner, Joshua*
Minett, Isaac
Morgan, Chapman*
Olds, Azel
Otis, Oliver
Parker, James*
Parkhurst, Ephraim
Prosser, Nathaniel*
Pulver, William
Rodes, Samuel
Slauson, Jonas
Stone, Erastus*
Stone, Hiel
Stone, Orrin*
Sweet, James*
Sweet, John*
Wales, George*
Wells, Ebenezer
Woolson, Ephraim
Woolson, William
Wright, David P.
Wright, Josiah*

*Member, Parkhurst BTN. – N.Y. Militia